Sunday, August 29, 2010

"I am an empty house longing to be haunted." - Darren Bauler.

Beautiful, man. Just fucking beautiful.

Nails a feeling that's chasing my ass right now.

I'm here, laying down by the imaginary stream inside my head, listening to James Toth's "Ballad of Squeaky Wheels" - remembering why he's one of a handful of the best songwriters around right now (his demos piss on your overproduced campfire hisssss, boutique-label boys...) and D's phrase just nails that tone - that catch - in James' voice perfectly, as if he's sing-talkinging along to the CD-r; an overdubbed talk-over across impossible distances.

Quantum-entanglement of the soul.

The wind in the trees, the chill in my bones. Dogs barking somewhere in the distance.

The damp smell of leaves, prefacing the onset of autumn.



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