Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Gram Parson's room at the Joshua Tree Inn.

"Room 8 still offers a quintessential "Cosmic American Experience" to fans of the father of country alternative rock." LOL

What's that - a couple shots of morphine and some ice-cubes up your butt-crack?


At 4:08 am, Blogger Fritz Bogott said...

I'd have thought "cosmic experience" and "american experience" were mutually exclusive.

At 4:17 am, Blogger db said...

I'd consider doing this if they let me wear his badass jacket.

At 7:47 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Good point, Fritz, but an "English Cosmic Experience" is probably even more of a damp squip. Us limeys don't do 'cosmic' very well. But the Welsh - ah, well, that's another thing altogether....

I think Gram's suit is in the Grand Ol Opry Museus. Or The Hard Rock Cafe.

Deeb: you're kinda in on this trip already (ref: the mail I recently sent ya). Let me know if you've got any preferences in terms of cowboy hats, etc. Or any other kinda hat. Or boots. Or anything.


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