Friday, July 30, 2010

Yep, Matt........def. roger that! (see: #6)

The Groundhogs were 'sposed to play at the Focus gig I went to last year (but still haven't got round to blogging about...yet!), but pulled out - due to illness, I think. I really wanted to see them; they're 'sposed to still be a great live act.

Yeah: "The Two Sides of Tony 'TS' McPhee" is the album I'm missing and really want to get, but I never see it on vinyl. It's the solo album with synths on it; my friend Ken had it back in the mid-70's and used to play it on his home-made Hi-Fi rig - it sounded fucking lovely. It's been on my reptile-brain 1000-page wants-list for ages. One day it'll probably just turn up in the Oxfam shop for 99p and I'll weep with joy.


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