Saturday, July 10, 2010


(More Flemish Post-Punk / signposts towards a New Miserabilism):

Vita Noctis came from Li├Ęge and their track "These Lies" is really hitting a spot for me this evening.

Dark, minimal bedroom Casiobeats; vocals that somehow manage to sound disconnected and angry at the same time. She sounds like an actress who's been thrown out of drama school for spitting at her tutors: restless, bored, irritated. Is she really singing "I tried to be the dog"...?

Fuck Crystal Castles. Fuck yeah!

Fuzzed-up gtr n bass. Minimal CV-ish drum-machine. This is a great track, sounding better with each play. Sounds like a cassette demo for some pre-Ultravox! art-school combo fronted by Hazel O'Connor's younger chain-smoking sister. Gloomy as fuck.

I need to find out more about this band.

Stop Press:

Some info here on Fritz die Spinne's blog.

Ah, right, here we go:

In The Face Of Death (cassette, 1985)
Much Money Good Boy, No Money Goodbye (cassette,1985)
Death and Smoke (cassette, 1986, Mad Tapes )
Untitled (Vita Noctis) (12", 1986)

There may also be a demo tape type thing floating round somewhere too.


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