Sunday, July 11, 2010


Up-n-coming Bristol producer Superisk drops a listener-wrongfootin' intro that sounds like John Carpenter being spanked by a very large rubber tyre.

However, 15 seconds later it reboots itself and pretends to be a Chinese games-console from some parallel universe 1989. A slippery-sounding melody modwheels its way up n down a half-octave like a luminous digital eel transversing a Tron-grid.

At 1:10 we suddenly graduate to the next level: everything goes bubbly n sparkly as if someone's pressed the Drug-Bomb Button.

Or maybe it's the bit between levels, because it suddenly strides off into the scenery...well, I say "stride", but it's a sort of Spacehopper Beat: an Oriental Nebbish bouncing off into the hills on some weird Digital Vision-Quest - a bitmapped Shaolin monk avoiding flame-spittin' purple dragons and black-robed / white-bearded Adobe Flash bad-guys with laser-staffs.


The Mensah rmx starts w/ backwards blips n flourishes, followed by bouncing Dancehall snares and Taoist Priest-meets-Bhangra style "Hey!"s and "Hrh!"s as the whole monastery comes out into the court-yard and practices throwing Preying Mantis Kick-Drum shapes. It's frantic, good-natured stuff, full of slappy clap-samples and trembling melody-lines.

Drops on Punch Drunk in September.


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