Saturday, July 10, 2010


More Early-80's Flemish Post-Punk (or "Cold Wave", as it seems to get called, often to the irritation of bands from that period.). This time it's Siglo XX. From Genk in Flanders.

Perhaps a bit too Punky in places and not quite what I'm looking for - and it's a shame they felt the need to sing in English - but I do quite like the blatant Factoryisms on "Individuality", and "Death Row" is quite good fun too. Very JD, but not quite miserable or rigid-sounding enough to tick all the boxes.

I like this quote: "We are marginals, but to us marginality is change, change is movement, and movement is life. The established is halted, gray, dead".

From their MySpace:

"In 1980 Siglo XX independantly released their first 7'' single ‘The Naked and the Death’. Things really got rolling two years later with the maxi-single ‘The Art of War’, still a classic and for instance included on a ‘New Wave Club Class.X’ volume. Later they signed to Antler Records which released a few of their albums and maxi’s.

"Their sound resembled Factory bands like Joy Division and Section 25: cold new wave, with dark basses, moody synths and depressive vocals. Siglo XX sounded probably even rawer than their more famous examples, with sometimes punky guitars. In the mid 80’s a move to Play it Again Sam followed, where three albums came out. The last was ‘Under A Purple Sky’ in 1989."


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