Friday, July 09, 2010


My good friend Stief has a new(-ish) band called Richting Huiswaarts, wh/ has a, errm, kinda European Post Punk vibe to it, for lack of a better term, tho there's still vague echoes of some of the psych shapes he used to pull in Anfang...

Obv. this is still early days yet (and I feel a bit of a heel shining a light on something that's still taking shape in practice-rooms, pubchat and late-nite kitchentalk, but...) I like where this might be going. I like the feeling of stiffness and regimentation that underpins this, a sense of rhythmic and atmospheric oppression that feels at odds with the swirlier, echoey freeform sounds trying to hang-glide in above it; the monotone Orwellian vocals vs. theremin and gtr - it feels like some new hybrid might be starting to take shape under our noses.

A new way of distilling Doom-i-ness - of weaving tight patterns of tension and teasing some sense of freedom out of them by applying an unexpected layer of psychedelicisation. After Ecstatic Doom and assorted mid/late-2000's soundforms, maybe playing around with uptight Post-Punk tropes (in a non-Indie manner) to build a form of - hrrrugh! - tension that can then be opposed is the way to go. I dunno.

I was goofing around on Twitter a few days ago and (half)-jokingly suggesting that I'd like to hear a new form of Miserabilism - one better suited to these times. Maybe one that was deliberately musically-restrictive - possibly even in an OTT, self-mocking way - but which suggested escape-routes from its own structures.

Again, I dunno.

I'm just projecting - imagining - as usual. I think it was Xavier from Buffle who told me about various Belgian/Flemish early 80s acts (unfortunately, I've just lost 4 years worth of emails - gah!) - but I think they were more at the New Romantic / Futurist end of things. Was there a Belgian equivalent of NDW - the tighter, more, er, constrained post-New Wave end of things - ?

Anyway, I wish Stief and his mates the very best with this, wherever it ends up going.


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