Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Super-psyched about this.

Some really fabulous art from Dylan Teague to complement a new Rose O'Rion text story I wrote which'll be appearing in the next issue of Zarjaz magazine (from the UK-based Futurequake stable). This should be be out shortly-ish (september, maybe? You fellas'll be the first to know...)

The story's called, appropriately enough, "Unfinished Business". I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Huge thanks to Dylan for being such a great sport and returning to a character we co-created waaaaay back in the 90's, despite being an extremely busy in-demand guy.

Meanwhile, please continue to support small-press comic and book publishers in the UK, US or wherever you live.

As well as providing an alternative to 'mainstream' publishers, they are also its lifeblood, giving elbow-room for a new generation of creators to learn their chops and grow. In the case of Zarjaz, they also supplement 2000AD, publishing strips containing obscure and less well-known characters along with fan favourites such as Dredd, etc. And this is all done with the support of 2000AD Editorial.

Thanks to Dave and Rich for letting me come out and play.


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