Sunday, July 04, 2010


Veteran Folk/Prog/Rock band Curved Air play Yeovil tomorrow. At The Quicksilver Mail.

Yes, I'm going. It would be rude of me not to. There's some debate whether Darryl Way is playing with them. Flip a coin, I'm really not sure. I hope he does. Didn't realise he was a Taunton boy!

"It Happened Today": this is my favourite C A song; I think this live version is a lot punchier than the studio one - I've got this performance on a DVD somewhere. Not sure why I like it so much. It sounds kinda mysterious or something. Slightly oblique / metaphysical in some way. Is that a Tango beat they're playing?

I've said this before, but doesn't the rhythmic vibe of this track and Sonia's vocal inflections sound like some sort of template for Roxy Music / B. Ferry...?

Anyway, the sound's fucked on this clip, so you'll have to turn it up quite a bit:


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