Thursday, July 15, 2010


I recently suggested on Twitter that maybe it was time for a competition on Kid Shirt - after all, we haven't had one for a while - the idea was to design a label for a non-existent brew of Somerset cider.

Ruff Cider labels round here tend to be Art Brut affairs, home-drawn/photocopied/cheaply-printed slightly grotesque pieces of Outsider Art done in felt-tip pens or biro, often with a slightly sinister bent, as if daring the drinker to partake, despite the threat of potentially ruinous consequences to their health. Some local farm vintages have label-images that would be better suited to a privately-pressed Norwegian Black Metal LP from the early 90s.

So, those of you who fancy a crack at drawing or designing a ruff cider label, send it to my dump email-address kekw10cc ahhhh-t Googlemail Doot-doot, dot Com. And I'll publish your ghastly works.

Don't worry if you can't draw - that'll be even better. Get your kids to have a go.

Wish I'd kept that placcy-jug of Old Crippled Cock or whatever it was The Farmer brought round a couple years ago. It had some sort of black hellbird on the label.

Here's a more, uh, 'nicer', up-market Farm-Shop type version:

No wait...that's beer, not cider, and it's from Dorset (ptui!). But you get my drift.


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