Tuesday, June 08, 2010


"What's a PoVid?"

My friend, the Texan film-maker Jayson Densman checks in with the answer:

"...just finished something unique called a PoVid...A Poetry Video. It is based on the work of a one John Edward Lawson up in Maryland. John is a published author/poet/editor and owns/operates Raw Dog Screaming Press along with his wife Jennifer Barnes. The PoVid was created to help re-introduce a general populous who don't read much creative literary works, if any at all. Especially the younger crowd. A good portion of us absorb classic and modern storytelling through movies and TV, and have put aside the pleasures of reading a good book or some excellent poetry. The idea is to mesh a poem (in this case, surreal/dark) with audio/visuals in a way that caters not only to the literary-appreciative bunch, but to those who may find a cool doorway into a world of some damn fine writers/artists. At least those are my hopes.

"Soooo, the link below is the first of three PoVids I'll be making, all based on Lawson's work. This particular one was written by J-Law in Maryland, the narration and sound bed by the great Kek-w in Yeovil, England and shot with a tiny camera here in Irving, Texas with Tom Young, actor extraordinaire.

"If ya dig this little 2 minute Thing and/or what we're trying to do with it, by all means please help promote it, link it, shoot it up a flagpole!"

"Where the Heart Isn't"


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