Thursday, June 03, 2010


Dan Poeira just got me intrigued with his twittermentions of Brazilian wine-labels and their, uh, Robert E Howard book-cover tendencies.

He suggested that I Googled on "catuaba". So foolishly I did:


At 2:41 pm, Blogger Fritz Bogott said...

I'm curious how many years have to elapse before those poses and haircuts become inoffensively antique rather than the mathematical nadir of naff.

In my imaginary homeland, all hooch is required to carry mullets-n-tits labels as a deterrent to wine-snobbery. Also, wine bars enforce the wearing of sweat-stained loincloths. The drinking of designer scotch and bourbon is confined to the revoltingly hirsute.

At 8:23 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

We all wear loincloths in Somerset.

Like you, Fritz, I'm kinda fascinated by when fashion will finally re-invert itself and allow the mullet to resume its place as the king of haircts.

I think it might have been Dan who said on Twitter that some of these wines tasted of Hyperborea lol.

I salute the wine-labellers of Brazil! I think we're far too conservative in the UK in our labelling of wine. Pictures of little castles or vines - pah! I want Frazetta and Boris Vallejo paintings...who would not want to drink Red Sonja wine....or a glass of Crom?

Actually, I'm a gin-drinker....

At 3:49 pm, Blogger Bruno said...

Well, we call them catuaba, as they don't really taste like wine. It's supposed to... well, no need to explain, I guess.


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