Monday, May 03, 2010


"Buick Electra" by Black Helicopter.

Relatively straight-up, (pre-Nu-Metal) late-80's/early-90's-referencing US Alt.Rock: not the sort of music you'd probably associate with me or this blog. *shrugs*

But: can't quite get this song out of my head, for some strange reason. I think it's the vocals: there's some weird, mildly obsessional thing playing out here in the lyrics and their delivery. I like their pull; the slight catch in the voice. The minor obsessing over car-production in Detroit is, well, oddly fascinating; he doesn't tip over into full-on David Thomas hysteria, or shrill David Byrnish nerdisation over banal cultural ephemera. His restaint kinda makes it more interesting to me: like, what's he not saying here - what's *really* bugging him...?

The band have a new LP out (it's not exactly life-changing stuff, but I like it more than, say, the most recent Motorpsycho LP), but my ears (somewhat perversely) seem to have fallen on a track from their previous album.


But "Invisible Jet" is a pretty cool name for an record.

I quite like "Casio" too.

*shrugs again*


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