Sunday, April 11, 2010


Loki on Twitter: "EBM has to be the least cool genre ever, right? All those ski goggles and shouty camp."

Well, long time readers will be aware that I looove Belgian New Beat. EBM was its grunty, sweaty, stripped-to-the-waist, homophilic, slightly-less-porn-obsessed Euro-cousin. I liked it less than BNB, though sometimes it's a slightly hard to figure out where one ends and the other begins. A record pitched up or down slightly could easily switch genres.

There is a strange vibe floating in the air this morning - I can sense it: yessss floating there, a cheesy one-week zeitgeist just out of reach - and this is all Loki's fault:

I want to hear lots of EBM records this week. It's time has come. Again.

Your mission, dear reader: throw your fave EBM tracks in the direction of Kid Shirt...find some cool, lost EBM in your local charity-shop and post it.

Make an EBM track!

Last one to take his shirt off and make grunting noises is a rotten egg!

(I'm so used to hearing the pitched-down BNB version of this; that mix positively gallops. There seems to be a new 2009 mix which is kinda slowish and Gothicky. Quelle surprise! How many times (and in how many forms) has this record been released!?)

"Pain! Sweet pain!" LOL


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