Thursday, April 08, 2010


Been having a few musical dreams recently. Kinda sad to admit that I dreamt about this a couple nights ago:

(Wasn't the original cover-art actually designed to fade away? - just like my memories of the dream have also partially faded. Auto-deletive music is something you normally associate with someone like Basinski or The Caretaker, not Neil Young, yet the word "fade" (and "memory" and "past") features quite a bit in his own personal mythology...)

I think I may have had one or two other Neil Young dreams down through the years, but they've completely gone now. Can't say he features frequently in my musicaldreamwyrld.

In the most recent dream, I was given unprecedented access to - or might have even been present during performance or recording of - unreleased/unheard tapes sourced from the Time Fades Away tour...

My own memory of the music that I heard during the dream (basically, bogus Neil Young Ditch-Era songs) is now pretty foggy, but I can just about remember this weird rolling Boogie-riff thing that was oddly forshortened by a couple of notes so that it never quite resolved itself and kept changing its time-frame/tempo - going in and out of phase with drums, etc - with a drunken Young-esque howling falsetto-cum-croaking vocal: "You keeeeeeep awwwn / you jus' keeeeeeep awwn / keeeeeep awn goin'...awhhhhhhhhhwwwwllll...!" with discordant harmonica interjections that sounded like they were being flanged or something, and the whole damn thing sounding like it was recorded in a pea-soup fog with a booming brass-band/circus bass-drum sound.

Most avant thing I've heard in a while tbh; and it suggested a whole bunch of possibilities and 'otherness' to me at the time. The other songs are long gone from my synapses now.

I'll've completely forgotten about this song too by this time next week.

And the post also.


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