Friday, April 02, 2010


A good day for celebrity doppelgangers in Yeovil today.

First: a shifty - possibly confused - looking Terry Pratchett was spotted skulking outside the estate agents, complete with wide-brimmed hat and everything! Even a sort of multi-tiered waxed Burberry coat-thingy. How wackily tres Pratchett!

Having once stood next to the real-deal once in a book-shop in Salisbury ("Hello, I'm Terry Pratchett," he said to the lady behind the counter while she was right in the middle of serving me. Huh? Wait your turn, shorty!) I can confirm that this lookalike was also similarly height-challenged. It was quite uncanny, really.

And, in the coffee-shop - ye Gods! - surely that's Keith Richards circa 1971!!! "Exile on Main Steet" n all that...

And not just Keef, but with him: a slightly-gone-to-seed ex-60's model/Anita Pallenberg type wife in tow, plus three kids - all boys! - and all with miniature replica Jeff Beck haircuts!

"So, yurrh, I'm, ahr, getting a new-ww band togevver, in't I, maaan."


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