Friday, March 26, 2010


Some extremely cool friends of mine (piktured here in previous karmic inkarnation):

They're some of the nicest people I know. And my favourite Acid Rock band in the whole wide world. Sylvester Anfang II.

They also happen to be on tour v. soon:

April 3rd: La Suite, Paris, France
April 4th: Le BPM, Nantes, France
April 5th: Handclapping Girls, Clermont-Ferrand, France
April 6th: Grrrnd Zero, Lyon, France
April 7th: Cave12, Geneve, Suisse
April 8th: MusikVerein, Nürnberg, Germany
April 10th: Chapeau Rouge, Prague, Czech Republic
April 11th: Leipzig, Germany
April 12th: Madama Claude, Berlin, Germany
April 13th: Utmarken, Göteborg, Sweden
April 14th: Aarhus, Denmark
April 15th: Copenhagen, Denmark
April 16th: TAC, Eindhoven, Holland
April 17th: Ffus, Stuttgart, Germany

Check them out, you slobberin' freaks!

Expect solo sets from Hellvete and Bear Bones, Lay Low too - both of which are also big favourites round these parts (just search the blog if ya don't believe me)

"A new slab of tranced out psychotic psychedelia from the occult loving Belgium-based clan. This new incarnation being Sylvester Anfang II reached a new level of awesomeness last year with the incredible double LP on Aurora Borealis, on "Commume Cassetten" they continue their bizarre trip into the darker, but somehow super-psychedelic realm of the occult-obsessed mind. There's a real fucked-up Krautrock boogie vibe throughout but retaining some of the doomed funeral folk qualities of the original Anfang guise, as well as some loose-as-hell, total stoned-out ritualistic baked grooves..." via Blackest Rainbow.

That biiiig long-promised Hellvete interview post to follow soooon, honest!


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