Monday, March 08, 2010


Live-to-Aether today is the latest ish (#9!) of Rudy's Rucker's seriously awesome eZine FLURB.

Danny Rubin! Adam Callaway! Rudy Rucker! Paul Di Filippo! Robert Guffey! Philip Harris! Richard Lupoff! Alex Roston! Jessy Randall! Chris Shay! Mari Mitchell! Kathe Koja! Carter Scholz!

And, er... me.

Yep: FLURB #9 features my story "Search". Hope you enjoy it; it's kinda personal.

Props to Rudy for putting together another excellent issue; he puts a lot of heart and soul into FLURB as well as behind-the-scenes sweat n effort. Rudy's Dudeness is as legendary as his writing.

You should buy some of his books.

A picture-book of his paintings has just recently gone on sale at LuLu. And I think his autobiography might be coming out later in the year - keep an eye out for that and his forthcoming novel "Jim and the Flims".

Meanwhile, my old story "Cobalt Imperium" is still available to read in #7 of FLURB.


At 3:39 pm, Blogger Fritz Bogott said...

I'm pretty taken with the bike-riding SWAT team. I'm going to choose to imagine them on Schwinn Stingrays.

Would you be willing to write a couple of sentences about what makes this personal?

At 7:30 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Heh: thanks, fella.

Crowd-sourced police-forces not entirely an original idea; think: Old West posses, lynch-mobs, etc. Flesh-Search-Engines in modern-day China.

I liked the idea of them all on their bikes, pinging their bells as they came down the road. The idea of 'casual' policemen is one I keep returning to.

I was reading your own "Giant Rat of Sumatra" a few nights ago: I like the way at the end he just [SPOILER]; I thought that was just so beautifully casual, yet also poignant. It spoke volumes about the character.

Personal stuff: well...Death/Loss, the idea of reconciliation/redemption (however remote), incremental personal transformation/re-integration....these are all common themes in a lot of my recent work (tho sometimes I'm less aware of them; here, it was entirely deliberate).

I hope they touch a nerve in at least one person out there somewhere.

Thanks for reading!

At 9:36 pm, Blogger Fritz Bogott said...

Ha! I hadn't heard the term Human Flesh Search Engines before (years behind on my /. reading, I guess), although I'm familiar with the concept.

My brother (has been living on a houseboat in the Strait of Malacca; just got off a bus in Chiang Mai) spent some time last year in the persimmon capital of Switzerland and learned that all Swiss men are required by law to possess a rifle.

You'd want to do some pretty deep conditioning to ensure that spontaneous armed mobs are self-organizing (even if they happen not to contain a single ranking leader). Otherwise anytime anyone sets off a firecracker or pounds a nail it will be like instant Texas (and/or the biggest sociopath automatically becomes leader). It sounds like Israel comes closes to striving for a self-organizing armed populace. (Unlike the US and Nigeria (and Colombia, etc.), which trend toward a self-disorganizing armed populace.)

Thanks for your kind words about my story. You know how when you get hit over the head you get intense tunnel vision for a few seconds and then your field-of-view opens back up all wobbly and wide? My recent pratfall into depression seems to be working like that. On the climb back out there's all this dream-state cruft buzzing around the widening periphery like lint caught in the projector's gate.

At 9:41 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

Keep climbin', Fritz!

At 12:21 am, Blogger Fritz Bogott said...

Yeah, well, me and the swamp devil are old companions. Hold your enemies close, right?

Keep transfigurating, yerself.


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