Thursday, February 25, 2010


Okay, so this post is kinda peripherally related to the recent Werneck - Wretchmond computer peripherals project...

(...and a hearty thanks to everyone who supported - and continues to support - this release: to those of you who blogreviewed it; to ChickenFish and Mr. Ellis for the props n shout-outs; and Pete Um, Dan P & Co. for the kind words and support. I was kind of aghast that it took 4 weeks to reach Brasil, even though I've been sending copies via airmail; so slightly worried that some of you out in The Great Dominions of Canada, Aus & NZ maybe still haven't got their copies yet (tho they're def. on the way!); I'll do a mass email-out in a week or two and make sure all have safely recieved their goods. A sort of After-Sales Care Follow-Up. Still, I was much amused to hear that the CD was recently used in a "Value of Art" seminar, as part of a Philosphy of Art course where the students had to debate whether something was "Art" or not, and "Oneiric Hardware" got used along with a Rothko painting (not an original, I hope!) and sundry other art limbo-zone objects. Still chuckling to myself about that... )

...anyway, CyRus Da VyRus tracked down the following via a Norwegian FTP-site and brought it to my attention: music made by a scanner.

Check out the vid of the scanner playing Beethoven!

Apparently, certain varieties of old HP scanners have a techie 'easter-egg' of the tune-playing variety: using Scanner Control Language commands dumped into the scanner's buffer via SCSI you can change the speed/frequency of the scanner's step-motor, and thus alter its pitch. A series of commands can therefore create a tune. See?

Didja know the HP ScanJet 3C/4C series has a three-octave range! (Two more than me!)

Man, I love stuff like this.


At 7:46 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

You know what - I think I can lay my hands on one of those - tis yours if it turns out to be the correct model !!

At 8:04 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

*Grin* That must be a bit of a vintage scanner. I've got an old, partially-functioning UMAX; wonder if that's got a hackable Control Language? This suggests some sort of Sound-Art Installation to me, maybe? A possible Hacker Farm project, fer sure.

At 11:14 pm, Blogger farmer glitch said...

very silly indeed - wipes out the original lame-ass effort !!


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