Friday, January 15, 2010

It's not an exaggeration to say that I've been waiting for a review like this for most of my life.

Thanks for the love, Rob. And for taking the time to think and write about what you were listening to. (You spot-on nailed a bunch of ideas I was playing with, but also added a bunch of concept-twists that have now got me thinking in some new directions.)

And big thanks also - and I mean this most sincerely - to those of you who took a leap of faith and bought the darn thing on spec. I was gonna put a couple taster-snippets up for people to listen to, then I remembered I didn't have any hosting-space any more. But I thought "ah, fuck it, if I don't get on and get this out now I'll never do it..." Then I got snowed in burning CDs, guillotining cards and mailing out copies, as well as dealing with some urgent work that required my attention (hence the apparent lack of blog-related activity). Sorted some free hosting last night, but still haven't had a chance today to upload anything yet due to work and children. Anyways, Marxsbeard beat me to it.

So, cheers to those of you who went ahead and bought this on trust.


Nah, I didn't cheat: everything on this comes entirely from field-recordings, albeit heavily processed, looped, etc. In fact, I built a couple of quasi-cybernetic processing systems from a 15 year-old piece of s/ware I had sitting around and fed the various recordings that Dan and I had made into it, then sat back and manipulated the machinechatter. I recorded the manipulations as if they were live jams - with me tweaking the machinetalk; fiddling in real time - then took my favourite recorded-bits and manually micro-edited them, adding a few Neo-Concrete-esque pitch-twists, snips and curls.

So no cheats. That bit that sounds like a vocal midnight howl of human pain into an overloaded mic is, in fact, some arcane server boot-noise twisted into a malignant new shape.

Thanks for listening.


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