Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another film-still. An accidental one, this time. My finger slipped while I was editing some footage and I accidentally took a photo w/ my phone. I kinda like it.

Talking to Farmer Glitch today in town. Seems we've both been simultaneously thinking about some sort of knitting-needle-related music-project involving our wives. How weird's that.

Also: expect some sort of live 'Noise' shows/performances in Yeovil later this year - we are plotting and scheming, the two of us. It seems almost inevitable that something will happen. (Now that various pundits have declared that Noise is officially well-and-truly "over" it seems beautifully counter-intuitive for us to put on a local show; mind you, West Country Noise is a very peculiar 3-headed sheep; considerably different to its Big City cousins) There are a handful of similar-minded oddfolk round here that have been moanin' that they have nowhere to play, so we are seriously thinking of remedying that. One of the options being explored is a venue that has all sorts of bizarre 19F3 / Thrifty Vinyl cross-over resonances. But we'll see. The Farmer's talking about starting a semi-regular Hacker-Space. A Hacker-Farm.

I like the sound of this.

Meanwhile, after the kids were finally poured into their beds, I spent the evening doing a bit more footage-editing, and then working on an as-yet untitled music-track. So far: morbidly doomy, yet oddly swirly industrial-psych with punishing spring n oil-drum, er, drums.

Watched a bit of "The Amityville Horror". Never seen it all the way through before. Some (unintentionally) great sound-design so far: weird distorted Rod Steiger puke-coughs, whispering wind-voices, a cardoor slam that sounds all wrong...great stuff. Has that coked-up cloth-ear production thing that permeates Tha Mac's "Tusk". Suspect the sound-supervisor was hearing something different to what actually ended up in the film. Or maybe it's me that hears things differently.

I like those close-up shots of flies' eyes too.

And Margot Kidder dancing to the radio in a single leg-warmer. What tha...?

Must go and watch some more.


At 6:42 am, Blogger farmer glitch said...

Man - I have been thing of a name for the workshops - and you nailed it in one - Hacker Farm it is then !!

At 9:50 pm, Blogger I am not Kek-w said...

"Hacker Farm" lol

That kinda works, don't it?


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