Thursday, December 24, 2009


Have you been good?


Here's The Residents (and Fred Frith) to help you celebrate Christmas:


Just back from thrashing my wife n kids at Christmas Bingo. I am currently wearing a party-hat that declares that I am - oh yes indeed - The Christmas Bingo King. This will now remain on my head until decorum dictates otherwise....

Apologies for the lack of bloggage in last few days, but been trying to finish up a couple of project-things before Christmas - have completely failed lol, but they're getting there, so never mind...also, had to attend to a couple of personal family type things - nothing heavy, but...well, you know, there's never enough time...

Some friends are coming round this evening, so have just sneaked off for a few minutes to bash this out.

Speaking of friends...collected some lovely parcels from the post-office today from various muckers and creative-allies, for which I thank you - you know who you are - and if you haven't heard from me, then I apologise, but I'll be mailing and phoning a few close friends soon as I'm able. At the moment I kinda feel like reaching out to some old and dear friends who I've neglected recently. Like I said, there's never enough time.

So now it's time to make some time.

Some terrific records n CDs have just arrived recently in what is traditionally a 'dead' time of the year for the Music Biz (or what remains of it), but these are all braodcasts from the margins, from the frontiers that sit beyond the smouldering remains of Pop and Rock. I'll be posting on some of these over the next few days. Some of these have been made by people that I'm proud to call friends. It's inspiring to me that folks're still bashing out stuff that's so great whilst the mainstream continues to implode around our ears.

Here's to you, you crazy mad fuckers. All of you out there in the shadows, writing and recording and creating.

Long may you run.

All that remains is for me to wish you all - and that's ALL of you - my handful of regular comments-box-botherers, occasional visiters and newcomers, distant friends and passing strangers -

a very merry Christmas (or whatever it is you might celebrate) and a healthy, happy and prosperous Noo Year.

Worse 'em!