Thursday, December 10, 2009


Fractal Fiction, a collaborative webcomic from Emperor and some artist/letterer pals.

Off to a v. promising start.


The recent weird spiral lights seen over Norway...

...are likely to be a failed Russian Bulava missile test. (via @Nemonymity )

Now this reminds me of a very early Tales of Suspense Iron Man story in the early 60's where a failed Stark Industries missile launch ended up with the rocket spiraling off out of control. A guidance system chasing its own tail. Moving in ever-decreasing circles.

I don't have the issue in question (too old/too expensive) otherwise I'd scan it - but I'm sure there's a Kirby/Heck picture of a damaged rocket turning a slow spiral - tho I may have a reprint Marvel Collectors Items Classics with it in somewhere. I'll have a rummage.

Interestingly, the Bulava is designed to be the ultimate end-game anti-anti-missile nuke - far more dangerous than anything the Koreans or Iranians could ever even imagine, yet it never, ever gets mentioned as a WMD, threat to the American mainland, etc. Obviously, it has a few teething problems lol; perhaps wh/ is why the US government seems to be so complacently comfortable with its existence. The fact that the Russians are still aggressively developing a new generation of intercontinental nukes (funded by Gazprom revenues?) is kinda worrying when we're all supposed to be pals these days in the War against Terrorism.

Who's the intended target - countries who don't pay their gas bills?

Or is it just the Russian equivalent of the US's Star Wars program - a Cold War 2 white elephant intended to grease politicians palms and the rusting wheels of industry?