Saturday, December 05, 2009


"In my dream I am older
Everything is soft, out of focus
There's this sound which disturbs me."


Walking back from town I had this great (but ridiculous) idea for a joke film/comic-book 'pitch' that I was gonna post or tweet later for a bit of fun, then I started realising that it was actually a pretty good, commercial hi-concept pitch lol...

Once I'd shoehorned out a coupla of the more ludicrous elements I sudddenly groked that the whole damn thing actually had some wheels (literally)...and then a really cool (and logical!) title came to me when I was taking my boots off in the kitchen and now that I've started typing this I've realised I can't actually tell you anything about the idea whatsoever, so this post becomes a sort of stupid auto-negating thing.

What a completely useless (more than usual!) waste of your time. And mine too. Lol.



More tapes from Sloow. (Hi, Bart!)

I'm a big fan of what he does; have been for ages. He has the best beard in the biz.

Of the most recent releases, the Hunting Moon css in particular caught my eye. That cover - a Stacia from Hawkwind archetype caught in felt-tip freeze-frame, heh. Croatian SpaceRockDrone.

First time I met him in the UK a while back I asked about the felt-tip pen artwork - "That must take ages," I said - but he just shrugged and said (in that Flemish Schooner Skipper voice of his): "Not as much as you'd think."

I bet he's lying. Anyway, loove the artwork, loove the releases; Sloowtapes are a coonstant Kid Shirt favoourite.

Flashback to meeting original Hawkwind drummer Terry Ollis 3 or 4 years back who autographed my copy of "In search of Space" by chuckling and saying (as he scribbled over Stacia's blurred gatefold nudeform): "Not the first time I've been on top o'Stacia....hrurrh-hruuuh-hruuuch! "

A collection of dazzling live recordings by Croatia’s heavy psych band, chasing Hawkwind, Igra Staklenih Perli and Acid Mothers Temple in an evil labyrinth of disorientating rhythms, destroying guitars, complex sax, synth awareness and celestial knowledge. 120 copies