Saturday, November 28, 2009


More Cambridge stuff:

Pete recently suggested I checked out Man from Uranus, which I did....

He's (apparently) a Gulf War Vet who's a Stockhausen nut - so, uhmm, straightaway this taps into some of my current obsessions; he also hangs out here.

This track is a lot of fun and a good kicking-off point; it also tickles some of the fluffy Lo-Fi Prog Vs. Charity-Shop Electro-Accousmatic belly-buttons that I've been sniffin' recently:

Lush production-sound! (Sounds great to my bottom-end-damaged middle-aged ears)

Some of his other stuff is a lot more spacey n out-there (and - dare I say it? - more 'serious'-minded (whatever that means!)), but - see! - this is how we suck you into the Strange Wyrld O'Boffin Rock... make yuh chuckle a bit, then - before you know it - we getcha breakdancin' to Parmegiani...


MFU also plays in Rock with Electronics (what a great name!) - with The Doozer? - so, yeah... get yer bleeps n tones on...

Maybe he should join the OU.


The Doozer.

Saw him back here. Liked what I saw/heard. Amazingly, he knows Pete Um. Small world.

It's a Cambridge thing, innit.