Monday, October 26, 2009


Anla Courtis is an old Kid Shirt musical fave, an extremely talented and prolific fellow much admired for both his solo output and his time with the remarkable Argentine band Reynols. Anla checks in with some news of a recent-ish collab. with the legendary drummer "Daddy" Antogna.

Daddy drummed with such wonderous early 70's Argentine Rock bands as Ave Rock and Orion’s Beethoven. Despite being confined to a wheelchair for several years he has recently began drumming again with Daddy Antogna & Los De Helio, a band that will be of much interest to those of you whose tastes lean towards the more progressive end of the Rock spectrum. Anla contributes some blistering gtr licks - very different to the sort of activities I normally associate with him: playing guitar with a broom, sampling chickens and whistling kettles, etc.

Their first album "Viva Belice" is out now on Viajero Inmovil Records.

Hopefully, Anla will be solo-touring the UK next year. If he does then you'll hear about it here soon as I know myself. Would be lovely to get him to play at The Cube.