Friday, October 23, 2009


Was briefly Tweeting about this vinyl LP earlier this evening, but caved in and decided to blogpost the cover (or rather, part of it) of this superb junk-shop find:

The LP came out in '77 on Ariola/Hansa and is a terrific set of Non-New Age electronics and drums, courtesy of Frenchmen Dominique Perrier (keyboards) and Roger "Bunny" Rizzitelli (drums. Hmm: is it just me, or does that sound like a not very French name?) who later toured and worked as session-guys with JM Jarre (to be honest, I've never been a fan of Jarre's stuff; this is waaay better, I reckon). Style-wise it's a cross between, errrm, late-70s era Froese with a smidge of some of Moroder's non-Disco work; actually, it has a bit of a lowish-budget cinematic feel in places, reminding me of various 70's e-scores - not-quite Carpenter, more, I dunno, like some of the 70's/80's Zombie/exploitation film soundtracks, but without the overtly 'tense'/horror elements.

There's some really nice spacey, almost haunting atmospheric/abstract pieces on display here (hard to describe exactly what it is they conjure up), but the album's also pretty big on melody and emotion too. Oh, and rhythm as well: there's also some great e-Rock drumming. ("Klaus Krueger! Harald Grosskopf!") Imagine a sort of minimal, irony-free version of Air.

I picked it up for a quid last week, but only just got round to playing it this evening while I was doing a bit of writing. I think this might be on the deck quite a lot over the next couple weeks. Def. worth grabbing if you spot it cheap.

Actually, today was a really excellent day for record-shopping; I picked up some terrific 2nd-hand vinyls - including two or three pretty rare/obscure LPs - for, well, not-very-much-money. More on those another day. I've got a ridiculous backlog of vinyl to listen to right now. Some really great stuff.

I think there might be a reissued CD version of this LP with the same cover, but it has some different tracks on it (from their other two later albums?) wh/ is possibly called "Onyx".


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