Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm really psyched about this project.

I believe in you, dog.

I'm the best pal you ever had, Julian.

DM me.

Text me.

I heard the mixes for "Everything Changes". Junk it. Bin the album.

I'm telling ya: we could do something sooo much better.

Really blow some minds.

Forget Phil Ramone. I'm your man.

I'm here for ya, Julian. I truly am.

I'm sat by the phone, man.

Give me a call, Julian. And do it real soon.

The mixing-desk's switched on. I'm ready to rumble. Let's make Rock n Roll History.

You and me, pal.

You and me.

J, don't be a stranger to me, y'hear?

Rock n Roll Make-overs: it's what I do.

Julian - dude! - just send over those new song demos. NOW.

KID SHIRT: Ready and available - as ever - to produce the new Julian Lennon album.

Julian, you only have to ask.