Friday, October 09, 2009


An Aus.Punk classic from back in the day; boy, The Saints' first album is a total classic; my old copy's almost worn one-molecule thick from 3 decades of needle-abuse. "Messin' With The Kid": what a fantastic grinding slow-burn song. But here's the title track (kinda weird playing/posting this with Blue Oyster Cult banging out in the background (my teenself wouldn't approve, I'm sure); still don't like Grand Funk Railroad tho):



When I was much, much younger I had a huuuge crush on photographer Lynn Goldsmith.

This would've been a year or two after I finally got over the fact that Viv Albertine of The Slits would probably never go out with me, despite the fact that I'd had a picture of her blu-tack'd to the airing-cupboard door for, eerrrm, at least three years until my real-world girlfriend suggested that I should, uh, get a life.

Actually, I did get to meet Viv briefly in the flesh - for about 150 seconds - in '79, I think, at a Pop Group gig. I don't think I ever got over that.

A few months later one of my flatmates - Boots Sharkey - danced with her at The Dugout one night when I was away up in Reading seeing The Mekons or The Teardrop Explodes or someone.

I never forgave him for that.

*Ahem* Yes: Lynn Goldsmith...

Ms. Goldsmith can relax; I'm not about to stalk her or anything - I'm all grown up and married and stuff now. Tho I suspect I could never interview her w/out stuttering slightly.

Lynn is, of course, a legend in Rock Photography circles.

She is, also, Will Powers:

"Will I spoil it / with my over-bite / Will our noses bump / in the moon-night?"

I remember hating this record when it came out - I was probably still into James Chance, Blurt and assorted post-Ze, Touch- and Roirtape Disco-noise residue. Pop for me meant jagged whiteboy Funk, Paul Haig records and Belgian girls singing Bossa standards over drum-machines.

"Kissing with Confidence" sounded smug. Not like me w/ me Dostoyevsky paperbacks and me Industrial Records back-catalogue; nosiree, *I* wasn't smug...

Sure, I knew it had Todd Rundgren on it and Niles Rodgers; but Carly Simon ? - bleeeuurh! - get that damn song away from me!!!

Of course, I adore Carly Simon now. She's the Queen of Kook. Well, actually, that would be Melanie, but you get my point. Carly's written some spiffing songs and there's something pretty neat about her voice...

Needless, to say I love this single now too. Ah, how the years roll on, eh?

I love the way it turns into a List-Song half-way through; a litany of places you could kiss - things you could do - once you'd taken the Will Powers Kissing Kourse: "In the school-yard / at the front door / at the laundr-o-matt / at the drug-store / at the car-wash / in the back-seat / at the Dairy Queen..."

Damn, but Lynn Goldsmith sure looked great in camo trousers and a halter-neck. Uh-ho, now I'm ruh-really st-st-stuttering.

I once copped off in the early 80's with a girl called Lynn - a quick snog at the disco. A one-off deal. China Crisis was probably playing in the background.

"When it came time to kiss goodnight / I almost fell apart"

The fact that she was called Lynn was a complete coincidence, of course.