Saturday, August 08, 2009


The second in an ongoing series of Hotflush Recordings podcasts is up, curtesy of Sigha. Hmmm: fond of his crackle, is this lad. But there's some nice push-me-pull-you mini-riddims on display at the beginning of this, stuff that almost-but-not-quite sounds more like malfunctioning pumps or industrial complexes than beats. Music For Space Stations, innit. Orbital architecture. Hissing airlocks. Weightlessness.

This doesn't quite go far enough for me, tho: I'd like to hear something that's closer to the sound of abstract machinery. Something that resembles a field-recording. Auto-mechanised music rather than machine-funk.

I do like those ratcheting wooden noises and woodpecker sounds that appear around 34 mins tho.

Hate to repeat myself, but I v. much like where Jamie Vexd is coming from right now; he's wrapped the Void Coldness of 'futuristic' mass.transit systems and cityscapes up in a languidly sexy slo-mo swirl of liquid neon and flickering r.e.m.verts. His maybe-futures seem oddly plausible: they have a sonic three-dimensionality - an illusion of solidity - that suggests they're just a skewed/out-of-focus vision of 'Now' (streets seen from a different angle) rather than some Moment Still Yet To Come.

"In System Travel" could just as easily be Stokes Croft viewed from the back of a 3am cab-ride: smeary orange street-lights; tail-lights, reflections, shadows, glimpses of faces; shop-windows and signs transformed by the blurry, bleary limbo-light; a world seen underwater.

It's like listening to a lava-lamp.