Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Man Like 2nd.Fade posts the first batch of his initial design sketches for Colin Tubb - the soon-to be-legendary character n comic-strip that we created - oooh, when was it, A - last year some time?

I ought to post an excerpt from one of my rambling emails, just to prove that I actually did contribute something to this process other than sitting around in a smoking jacket and a cravat pouring myself large whiskeys lol. Bloody artists - everyone thinks they do all the hard work. But we know better, don't we, kids?

I think I mentioned before that we came at this from a post-modernist angle and did the merch first before the strip. Yep, we sold our soul to The Man before we even started. And who should buy a tee in the States but someone who turns out to be one of Mr. Bauler's friends! It's a scarily small world populated not by people, but coincidences.

The rather excellent Colin Tubb T-Shirts are still available from our friends at Highrise: you should go and buy a couple dozen and make Chris a multi-millionaire so that we can sue him.

Colin Tubb has a friend/sidekick (or is Colin his sidekick; I never quite figured it out) called...ah, but no doubt 2nd.Fade will be posting some more drawings in the coming days, so I won't spoil the fun.

The Colin Tubb strip will be making its debut in issue #4 of Woofah. Due any second now!

Buy the magazine, buy the T-Shirt, buy the chest-rub. Buy the sneakers, the compilation album and the trade graphic novel. Do not buy pirated Colin Tubb merchandise, especially those airbrushed picture-mirrors and the, uh, toothbrushes from Taiwan. They're not actually toothbrushes, if you catch my drift.

At last! British Urban Bass Music finally has the comic strip it deserves!

Meanwhile, A and I are discussing a new strip that involves *******.

No, not "fucking".