Thursday, July 30, 2009


Edgard Varese is never very far from my mind, even when he doesn't seem to be. I kinda collect vinyls of his stuff, but v. slowly - one at a time over several years; it's a long-term non-project. Amazingly, people used to give me stuff like this a many years ago ("it's too weird for me; if you want it, Kek, you can have it." That's how it all started; but can't imagine anything like that happening now.) but now they go for stupid money.

Here's a visualisation of a later, tape-orientated piece for all yo' thrill-seekers out there. Rewiiind and check the orchestral/chamber works from early in his career; they're amazing. You can buy cheap Naxos CDs of his works for a fiver in HMV, etc; if you've never checked his back-catalogue you really should. Five quid: that's only the price of a single.

More clips, info.


Dracula Lewis: here.

Romania's best kept musical secret, apparently: "lo-fi space-psych-horror electronics dun w/ a broke/n mixer."

Thanks to Xavier for hipping me to this. He/z playing in Brussels tonight, but been locked in a cupboard all week w/ only a Barbie typewriter f/ company, so 'pologies for not mentioning this sooner.

This is nice stuff, Mr. L; 'simple', but effective: reminds what's-left-of-me of watching those old 1940's Universal Wolfman films w/ me mum on friday nites on Westward TV when I was a kid. A bag of crisps, a chocolate-bar and a tin of shandy. But w/out a Hollywood session-orchestra playing some sub-Toch trip. Twelve-tone 'Orror Movies, now that'd be something.

Also here, via Kick To Kill (which sounds like the sort of record-label that Martin Not-Implode might start up).