Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sorry, Matt, but I fucking hate Spotify. No surprises there,

I certainly don't buy into the idea of them being the poor, downtrodden under-dog. It feels more like the last- (or lastest-) gasp of a creatively-bankrupt music biz still trying to reanimate its slowly-rotting zombie-like back-catalogue.

Revenue pipe-lines not emerging fast enough? Check! But, you know, if you can't make money out of YouTube, then, well...

Still, I'm fairly sure that Google are going to rule the world eventually; the way those fuckers are hoovering up and digitising public-domain books, it's only the start. Actually, it's the entire world they're trying to digitise and turn into a 3-D wireframe mall that yr soma- or halcyon-wankered shopping-avatars can browse while yer physical bodies rot into compost. Albion Awake! Someone needs to stop them. (*riiiips open shirt to reveal - my God: what is that under his shirt!?*) Yeah, it'll be a GoogleWorld, I reckon...well, a US/Western European.GoogleNet built by generic Microsoft apps lol. God only knows what the Chinese Internet will be like tho.

Yep, that Group Doueh vinyl's smashing. Mine's autographed tho. Heh.

You don't get that on Spotify.