Saturday, July 04, 2009

Warren Ellis asks: "How many people could you house inside a dead whale?" An interesting conundrum. Are we gonna get species-specific on this? The whales, I mean.

Never much liked Dionne Warwick.

The Tories already have the Beeb in their gunsights along w/ public sector pensions.

Is the BBC's current Drama shutdown partially in anticipation of a funding-siege when Cameron and Co. get into power?

Poor auld Blue Oyster Cult. Let's be honest: it was all over for them by '75.

Gah. Made a cup of tea 40 minutes ago, but forgot to drink it. Thwarted by pesky kids; no, not in the Scooby-Doo sense.

JC was right on the number w/ Brain Donor and "Bogus Metal" trope.

Finally time for a Post-GnR revolution - not of smack-dabblin' rebel badboys, but big-haired, spandex n dry-ice axe-worshippers.

Not 'ironic'/comedic festival fodder like The Darkness, but a legit. committed new gen of Poodle Metal/Heavy Soft-M Rockers.

Now that Alt/Avant.Metal, Doom, etc has finally caught, time for a Hair Metal Revival.

Or maybe no one cared enuff; too busy getting off their tits on e or chasing 2nd-gen indie-acts.

Chickenshit late-80s journos scared of offending lame-o 'soul' enthusiasts-turned-performers, most of whom were prob. their mates.

Always hated Acid Jazz; that whole reheated, rehashed late 80s white-bread soul-funk thing sucked majorly. Far more 'curatorial' than Sonic Youth, yet never attracted any real flack.

Seriously considering doing very short microposts on Blogger, but extended multi-part essays on Twitter.

Possible Blogger/Twitter Inversion? Hmm.


Very much looking forward to Darren @dbauler Bauler's new project - Clocksucker.

With song titles like "Eight Dollars Worth Of Thrift Store Knives" you just know this is gonna be fuckin' cool.