Saturday, June 06, 2009


Kinda smitten by the idea of Pure Soft Metal. In the same way as its more sonically extreme second-cousins self-reductify themselves as True Black Metal, etc by genre-prefacing their wares with the words 'True', 'Pure' and so forth - then shouldn't Soft Metal also aspire to some ultimate Platonic ur-variant of itself? Shouldn't it also be allowed to distance itself from The Bogus and The False, from The Overly Commodified.

Pure Soft Metal: even the name summons up some sort of majestic lustre. Skin dusted with silver, a metallic aura akin to platinum. A halo of hairspray propellents caught in perpetual freezeframe. The power-ballad recast as pan-galactic hymn; gated snares erupt like slow-motion volcanoes of sound, glacially slow and coated in a permfrost of reverb. Bombast turned back in on itself, a celebration of The Feminine.

What would it sound like, when all that desire is denied release - when it is forced to bide its time, to gradually navigate its way through 30, 40 minutes of quadraverb swirl? The Ultimate Tease, a prolonged foreplay: one in which the original intention is forgotten or is discarded somewhere along the way...or does the libido become heightened - each sloooow cymbal-crash a heartbeat, each powerchord a sluggish pulse of blood, a slow-building spasm? Would this music become some self-eroticised form of Tantric Sex Metal with an eventual money-shot pay-off, or would the journey become its own spiritual reward?

Pure Soft Metal: it needs an Earth or a Sleep.


US uber-dude film-director Jayson Densman's latest film "Party Girl" is currently in pre-production and all sorts of cool n crazy stuff has been flying in n out of the mail-box over the last few weeks. It's been an amazing thing watching Jayson and his pals at X1/Tapestry turning Dustin LaValley's script and initial concept into reality. Creepy-looking locations n locales have been scouted n secured; a cast and crew assembled; a title sequence spliced together and assorted concepts, visuals, test-shoots n fx-gags have been flying around the ether. An albino python somehow got involved along the way.

Kek's been helping out with some soundtrack-related stuff and, well, the experience has been a total blast. Despite being stuck in the UK several thousand miles away from the main action, Jayson's really made Kek feel part of the team. Thanks, man.

Things shift up a few notches in July when the main shoot gets underway. They've been trying to lure Kek over to Dallas so they can brutally murder him in an abandoned industrial unit. I think Dustin L and Bizarro writer/editor John Edward Lawson have been similarly threatened w/ a grisly end and an unmarked desert grave. Suckers!

The film is due to open in the 42nd Street of yr mind sometime later this year. You'll be hearing a lot more about it on this blog, along w/ a piece on Jayson's last film "EGG" which was an extremely cool collaboration with writer Jeremy C Shipp.

Here's a taster of things to come: