Sunday, May 24, 2009

Um, and another thought that just occurred, following on from the initial Lucas brainstorm below, is the debt that Star Wars owes Jack Kirby's Fourth World series - which was itself in part derived from Old Testament/apocalyptic Jewish theology, The Source/The Force, The Anti-Life Equation = Dark Side of The Force, etc..this is something that has been long acknowledged by comic-book fans, but not cinema buffs. Kirby certainly alluded to it a couple times and was "flattered" apparently. Not sure if Lucas has ever acknowledged the links; he mainly talks about the 1930s/40s cinema serials of his childhood and the 'universiality' of world religions.

Kek's piece on the Sublime Frequencies label wot he wrote for the last ink edition of FACT is now available on-line.

Very much looking forward to tonight's SF show in Bristol; looks like a few old friends will be in attendence. Cool!