Saturday, May 23, 2009


Kek's been researching this stuff for a forthcoming short-story. I think he's a Taurus (or Iyar). (Lucas, I mean, not Kek - he's a Shevat, whose month-letter is Tzadik (tz), wh/ means "righteous" lol):

"Iyar is the month between our yearly rebirth in Nissan and our new maturity—which we achieve by receiving the Torah—in Sivan. Accordingly, the letter of this month, vav (v), represents the straight line of truth. The sign of Taurus, the bull, signifies the individuality and stubborn devotion to this truth, the prerequisite for maturation. Iyar is thus the month of “correct thought,” the attribute on which we focus in preparation for receiving the Torah. The tribe of this month, Yissachar, excelled in their loving devotion to the study of the Torah."

Lucas is not Jewish - in fact, he's a self-declared "Buddhist-Methodist" - tho a lot of people just naturally assume that he is; so it struck Kek that it might be fun to deconstruct him for the piece in a quasi-mystical Jewish context.

Here's a quote from a piece by Gary Rosenblatt in The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix from some years back:

"Lucas said he put The Force (a God-like energy) into the movie "to try to awaken a certain kind of spirituality in young people - more a belief in God than a belief in any particular religious system. I wanted to make it so that young people would begin to ask questions about the mystery." Indeed, Lucas has created a kind of 21st century Haggadah, a cultural ritual intended to instill in children a sense of wonder, interest and, ultimately, belief." Of course, you have to ask what kind of belief - a belief in the Star Wars franchaise world-view itself? Kek mean, Kek can't belief that Lucas is that, um, spiritually altruistic...but maybe Kek'm wrong.

Interesting how many people now put Jedi as religion on passport applications, etc. The idea that a bogus/pop.culturally-invented religion/philosophy might one day become more popular than a 'real' one (more people 'speak' Klingon than Welsh, etc) - the whole Jedi thing is a mulch of vague Holywood Hills bullshit celeb.buddhism vs wishy-washy faux-zen platitudes. A 'religion' for people who haven't actually got *time* to commit to a religion; a hobby-religion. (Aren't they all now?) Jedi: the religion of The Spectacle, a philosophy of convenience.

Um, just trying on some ideas for size here: the idea that the Jewish community can clearly see Jewish moral:memes leaking thru the tissue of The Lucasverse is a testiment to his success in genericising (is that a word?) - okay, then: homogenising global religious/spiritual concerns, tho Lucas would prob. prefer the idea that he has helped highlight their linked-ness and universality. The word 'commodify' comes to mind tho, personally.

Gary Kurtz on Lucas (almost certainly apocryphal/fan-boy joke, but Kek love the sentiment expressed) : "You should not think of that man as your hero. When I saw what had become of him, after he said Empire was terrible and how he wanted to put Ewoks in the next film, I tried to dissuade him, to draw him back from the dark side of money-making. We fought...George eventually fell into the whole computer division of Industrial Light and Magic, where he spent most of his time before Jurassic Park arrived. When George clawed his way out Skywalker Ranch, the change had been burned in him forever--Jar Jar Binks, lots of useless aliens, Gungans, bluescreen, digital cameras and an all-digital cast. Irredeemably dark. Scarred. Kept alive only by computer machinery and his own black will to make more money and play with his tech toys." lol: Lucas as some sort of temporarily reclusive Hughesian figure (kept half-alive by IL&M tech)...well, he is superficially a very public figure, but is also very private. Does anyone really know what he's thinking or what he's actually like? H/core S/W fans claim Kurtz has told them at conventions that Lucas is "not to be trusted" lol - as if Lucas has, himself, been seduced by the Dark Side of The Force.

Amazed at how many Christian sites are doing comparitive studies of The Bible and The Star Wars Time-Line/Mythology. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

Fascinated by the idea of Lucas as an accidental/closet Jew. A troubled but fabulously-rich semi-reclusive Jewish denier obsessed by technology. A man whose true talent deserted him when the bucks started rolling in. Conflicted on a daily basis by artistic impulse vs. cashflow. A pretty dark dude.


A new NY-based label – GEL – has begun flaunting its tapewise wares recently. The imprint comes atcha courtesy of Daren Ho from the sadly now-defunct Iowa band Raccoo-oo-oon.

Daren and Kek inter-pen-net-pal'd a bit somewhile back and even finally got to meeting when the great Rac-posse musically ramraided Bristol a couple years ago. He's a top bloke, is Daren.

The label's named - you might guess - because of their preference for spookily bleached-out transparent acetate covers. As yet they don't have a web-presence – tho that's soon to change; more info, o data-famished ones, soon as it doth hit the airwaves.

Gotta bundle o'tapes thru the mail recently-ish, for wh/ I heartily thank Daren – so, here's one to set yer taste-buds a-singing (more laters, Kek promises, so sit still n stop fidgeting, kids): this is GEL04: "Born in the U.S.A." by Pukers (and, appropriately enough, comes equipped with a see-thru ghost-pic of Springsteins's arse n cap):

Starts off sounding like a caracature of some solemn n arcane swearing-in ceremony; an oath sworn – right hand on an old batter'd n coffee-mug-ring'd copy of Re:Search - to The Grand Flag of Retardo. But the solemnity is insincere; a template that is parodied and ignored as much as it is adhered to.

The spaz-spirits of Jim Henson and Frank Oz hover o'er the proceedings. Professional voice-artists are shot out of a cannon and hurtle thru the ozone towards the orange city-walls of some distant fuzzy-felt city, never quite impacting.

The biggest drum-kit on planet Earth goose-steps an implauso-beat while modulated feedback-vox whinge n wail and carry on something chronic. “What do you think about cops?” asks a startled passerby. The answer is incoherent, a drunk let loose in the bull-rink with a loud-hailer. "Skzzztt-fssshen-gah....cops."

A Muzak version of The Beatles' “Yesterday” puts in an appearance and this three-ringed Circus of Qualuudes tries to play along. Later, everyone puts on a brave face as another song is tackled.

On ze flippin' heck side things get kinda hysterical wid an Animal-from-The-Muppets style surf-spaz drumalong and a bruised larynx shriekathon. ”Born in the USA” is an hilariously misread quasi-Arabic take on The Boss' hymn to blue-collar disillusionment – a call-to-prayer broadcast thru a hostage-negotiator's throat-mic. Part sarcastic, part Brutalist squaaak the song soon descends into a wordless drone-howl w/ whistling, overdriven gtrs and grunted backwoods backing-vocals.

Ooooooh: smash them drums! Someone call security! A young woman's getting passed around the crowd like she's a – no wait: it's a guy.

Don't even think about snogging to this tape.