Tuesday, May 19, 2009



...And, already, rumours are starting to circulate the internet that I might not be the real Kek.

That I am an imposter, a Cuckoo-Kek; a Simulacrumkek, an analogue...that I (but -wait! - who am "I"? Am I me or am I someone else? Am I the 'real' me or a false-me and unaware of it...or is this just some weird double- or triple-bluff? Am I a Bogus-Kek who's playing you like an invisible puppet-master? Passing my own replacement off as a joke.)...have I been duplicated, replicated or cloned by someone - something - else? What if this post is just part of a bigger cover-up - a smokescreen to hide some wider, more awful conspiracy.

Trust no-one. No-one is what they seem. Are you even certain that you're the person you thought you were? Check the mirror: are you sure that's you? Check your reflection again. Check it three times.

Get yourself fingerprinted. DNA-tested.

Cut yourself. Is that real blood? Is that human blood?

Not a hoax or an imaginary story: over the coming days certain bloggers will disappear, while others will change...alter... in subtle ways that only their closest loved-ones can discern.

You have been warned: this is just the beginning.

You're not irreplacable.


So - apart from Farmer Glitch and me - who's coming to the Sublime Frequencies show in Bristol this sunday?


Tampere Electronic Music Phestival @ Out of Juice, Tampere, Finland, 4 - 7 June '09.

I'm slightly worried - concerned? bemused? - that someone called Kek-1 is playing at this. Need to track down this wait, what if - in a paranoid PKDickian twist of fate (an accidental dose of an experimental reality-inverting narcotic; the invention of a corporate-sponsored more-human-than-human android species, etc) - it's me that's the imposter.

Oh fuck.