Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My contributor's copy of the Bare Bone #11 antho arrived today, smashing its way thru the front-door with a red fireman's axe. "Heeeeeere's Lucy!!"

Edited by that suave-looking psychopath Kevin Donihe and wrapped up in a neat brown gimp-harness designed by Carlton Mellick III. This is Horror, But Not As You Know It. Be prepared to read this book side-saddle.

In amongst work by such card-carrying brainfuckers as Cody Goodfellow, Paul Finch, Cameron Pierce and (yay) Forrest Armstrong you will find a biggish story by me called "Getting Old". It's in a faux-genre I call Neuro-Noir, which is - well, hard to describe - but imagine an old fashioned Ed McBain police procedural set in a weird early 60s "Outer Limits" universe riddled with secret conspiracies and old-school black-science. It's a Cop Story, but not like any one you've ever read before, suckers. I think you'll like it.

Buy it here. Or here, courtesy of the folks at Raw Dog Screaming Press.

And be quick about it!