Monday, April 13, 2009


Gah. Marilyn Chambers checks out...

The legendary - and presidential candidate! - who appeared in zillions of flicks, incl. "Behind The Green Door", "Angel of H.E.A.T." and, of course, Cronenberg's "Rabid".

I didn't realise she'd also made a Disco single - "Benihana" wh/ was produced by Michael Zager of "Let's All Chant" fame.


The latest (April?) ish of Dazed & Confused features a two-way interview piece referee'd by me btween Super Furry Animals art.collaborator (and Lord of Monsterism Island) Pete Fowler...and Japanese Psych.Art superstar (and Master of The Lurid) Keiichi Tanaami.

The pair recently teamed up to do the artwork for the new SFA album.

D&C is available in WH Smiffs and other leading newsagents, except for Yeovil - where the printing-press is still yet to be invented, tho some bloke out Crewekerne way recently noticed that when he dipped his fingers into the juice of certain berries he could make marks on animal skins that remained there, even during The Month of Big Rains...

Meanwhile, Dom finally figures out how to do hyperlinks on his blog.

*Sigh* It feels like the end of an era.


Woke up and shaved my beard off. It's been a long time coming. Still...

Trouble is: I don't recognise the person who was hiding under all the fungus. Not sure if I like the look of him much, either.

Who is he? What's he got to do with me?

Why does he keep looking at me like that?

I didn't quite catch his name, but I didn't realise how fond I'd become of that beardy-looking fellow. He was fun; I enjoyed hanging out with him, but I knew deep down inside that he was just passing through. And one morning I'd wake up and he'd be gone.

But this new guy...I dunno...he looks a little bit too serious for my liking; looks like he means business. There's something in his eyes that says he won't put up with any shit. Maybe that's a good thing, but, well...

I kinda liked that other fellow.