Friday, April 03, 2009



I'm somewhat amazed and excited to discover that my story "Cone Zero" has been longlisted in the Best Short-Fiction category in the British Fantasy Society 2009 awards. There's 32 other nominees and I don't have a cat's chance of winning, but - Jesus! - it's pretty thrilling to find yrself on a list with Stephen King, Storm Constantine, Paul Kane, etc.

I'm also super-thrilled for editor Des Lewis as the Cone Zero antho is also up for a Best Anthology award and quite rightly too.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about then you should snag yourself a copy immediately! - Des still has a few copies left for sale and it is a damn good read.

Since the authors' names have now been de-nemonised, I'm allowed to say that mine is the one on page 33.

I completely failed to make the submissions deadline this week for Des' new Cerne Zoo antho - as my story "Cerne Zoo" had hit 7000+ words with still no end in sight, but it's a strong piece, I think, so I'm going to finish it off in Slow Time. The name of the story will still stand; despite the fact that I wasn't able to submit it in time it was still inspired by Des' wonderfully narrowband guidelines...this will prob. make it very difficult for me to sell elsewhere as no one will want to snag a story that is effectively an annex to someone else's antho - still, I'm a stubborn bastard like that lol and if/when it ever does appear it will accordingly be dedicated to Des Lewis and John Sladek.


Coincidentally, just as I finished up my piece on Staff for FACT, the folks at Crammed mailed...the album is now out, it's fucking fabulous and there's absolutely no excuse for not buying it.

There's rather wonderful video for their track "Polio" here.


D. Grin, the faceless Canadian crim.mastermind resposible for the Crossing Chaos imprint checks in...

Hot on the heels of The Dream People #31, comes the first ish of Monsieur Grin's Saucytooth webthology, featuring - uh-ho, it's that man again! - D. Harlan Wilson, on very fine form here indeed w/ "The Traumatic Event or The Walri Holocaust or the Hairy Deed or The Man Who Disappeared".

I ought to explain that writing about walri was a weirdo that suddenly spread like an outbreak of ebola thru the Bizarro posse a couple months or so back.

Amongst others, Saucytooth's frantic first ish also showcases fiction by Andersen Prunty and - one of my favourite writers - the masterful Tom Bradley.


Oh, showing my age here, but I kinda like K-Branding too...and so will some of you more elderly folks. Kinda reminds me of Section 25/Crispy Ambulance/Basement 5 post-punk grist grafted on a shout n holler Jazzzzkore chasis. I think Dr. A would like this too.

Love the bonerattling Doombounce of "Africanurse"

And "Antisolar Point" is the sound of someone's shoulder getting torn off, again and again and again. Love the flanged Curtis-on-ephedrine vox that seesaw between mournful and positively fuckin deranged.

The fact that they've called a track "Live 1979" is a kinda mission-statement in itself. I'm thinking you might have to be of a certain age to get this, but I'm probably wrong.

Glad to see they're from Brussels.