Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The latest ish of The Dream People is out of the state pen, getting drunk and looking to get laid. So watch out!

It features "The Candy Caper" - a short piece by me that editor-in-chief D. Harlan Wilson snagged some weeks back - along with synapse-bending fiction by some roughty-toughty, writerly types that I'm familiar with - like Bradley Sands, John Lawson, Adam Breckenridge, etc - and some others that I'm not familiar with, but should be.

BTW: D. Harlan's forthcoming book - "Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance" is picking up some serious critical heat. Check this out:

"A bludgeoning celluloid rush of language and ideas served from an action-painter's bucket of fluorescent spatter, Peckinpah is an incendiary gem and very probably the most extraordinary new novel you will read this year." - Alan Moore, author of...ah, fuck: you already know who he is.