Friday, March 27, 2009


Yo!: Big Shout-Out to Brit writer Mo Ali, whose most work appears in Western, the latest comic-book antho from AccentUK.

I keep stumbling into him (oops - sorry, Mo!), here and there, on the fringes of the Bizarro, Alt.Lit n comix scenes. Mo keeps turning up all over the place - at "Bust..." and there's a cool piece here on DHR's Dream People site.

He also makes badges and, er, aprons.

Go, Mo, go!


Hai! Just in from Damon Packard:

I love this. It's a tribute to 'Beat' Kitano, whose production company is called "Office Kitano". By a really weird coincidence I said to my wife a few weeks ago that if I ever had a nano-film company (to promote my nano-8mm 'films' lol) I'd call it "Office Shirt" or "Office Kek" or something similar. I'm kinda scared that another human being not only had the same idea, but had actually acted on it.

The YouTube mail saying this clip had been posted arrived literally minutes after D. Bauler had mentioned him in an email. Weird coincidences always seem to follow in Damon's wake.


Ha! It's friday tea-time, mes amis, so let's have a bit of a laugh.

Here's Hercules & Love Affair...whoops, sorry, I meant Army of Lovers, awash here in a sea of sequin'd Swedish camp.