Saturday, March 14, 2009


Best o'British to my pal Cloudboy, who's playing the Sonic Sanctuary All-Dayer today.

I've just had me, er, balls stapled and they're the size of space-hoppers right now...unable to move beyond snail-shuffle speed, so no Ice Bird Spiral set, I'm afraid; instead CB will be doing a live moshjam w/ Joey Chainsaw.

It's a great line-up; wish I was going.

I should be there; you should be there.

It goes on all day (the clue's in the title, bub!), so it's not too late, oh no: jump in your cars, your autogyros and your one-man mini-subs and get over there pronto!

What're you waiting for, o ye thrill-starved ones!


Quote of the day comes from Mr. Bradley Sands: "Worst thing you can do to a Green Lantern is piss on his head."