Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Kek (Kuk, Keku) means darkness. He was the god of the darkness of Chaos, the darkness before Time began. He was the god of obscurity, hidden in the darkness. The Egyptians saw the night-time, the time without the light of the sun, as a reflection of this chaotic darkness.

"The characteristics of the third paid of gods, Keku and Kauket, are easier to determine, and it is tolerably certain that these deities represent the male and female powers of the darkness which was supposed to cover over the primeval abyss of water; they have been compared by Dr. Brugsch with the Erebos of the Greeks."

-- The Gods of the Egyptians, E. A. Wallis Budge

"As a god of the night, Kek was also related to the day - he was called the "bringer-in of the light". This seems to mean that he was responsible for the time of night that came just before sunrise. The god of the hours before day dawned over the land of Egypt. This was the twilight which gave birth to the sun."


A brief clip of Ice Bird Spiral in action at Kraak Fest on saturday, shot from the audience - by Edgar - it starts off sideways, by the looks of it lol...then, well I'm not entirely sure what's happening there, but I think it's that short section where Henry Unth became severely spooked to find he had just materialised inside a human body that was wearing

And there's a pretty astute review of the show here by someone who wasn't even there lol...(thanks, Loki!)...tho maybe he was, but we weren't. That sounds about right. I like that idea that we have an Ice Bird Spiral tour-bus or car that travels slower than the Earth's rotation so that we are perpetually travelling East. Again, this sounds scarily plausible.

"The terrible Orphee Debacle." LOL!

Hopefully, someone's sending over some Pro photos at some point, so I might finally get some idea of what the fuck actually happened.

I would like to read some more reviews written by people who weren't actually there.