Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Flurb #7 has gone live!

I mentioned a handful of posts ago that Rudy Rucker thought it would be up in about a fortnight; well, he sorted it all out in about 2 days! He's like greased lightning or a mongoose, is Rudy.

So, anyway, as I mentioned before this features a piece of mine called "Cobalt Imperium" wh/ Rudy describes as a "delightfully Cyberpunk love story". Y'know, I really hadn't thought of it that way, but he's right.

There's some really cool stories on Flurb that I recommend you check out - espesh the collaboration with Rucker and John Shirley, another great writer, in my opinion. Some of the folks here are unfamiliar to me - tho Simon Logan is someone I've been keeping an eye on recently - he's def. a name to watch! Still, there's loads there to get stuck into, whether you like twisted post-SF or just interesting lit.shit...

Anyway, don't stop with #7, work yer way thru the back-issue archives - build up a mental list of the writers whose work tickled yer cranium, and then go out and pick up their paperback back-catalogue; wherever possible buy directly from small-press, POD publishers or the authors themselves and spread the word...

Says Rudy: "We're changing the world, one story at a time."


So, yeah, Ice Bird Spiral will be on-stage at The FARO Centre - The Flemish Interface Centre for Cultural Heritage (yay!) - in Brussels, at about 6:30 this saturday evening. If you're in the area, then please pop in and say hello. It's gonna be mental.

We've got the full-film-show, new gear and spanking new costumes - our new away-kit lol! - Cloudboy has really excelled himself on the mask-making front; it's like we're part of some sinister underground cult-sect whose purpose is not entirely clear. I've always wanted to be a member of a secret I am.

We also have some merch lol.

Meanwhile, this friday nite our pal Hellvete will be playing at The Walrus in Maldegem (Yeovil's Flemish anti-matter twin!) ...

Says Hellvete: "Hellvete will be a 3-piece band for that show with Ernesto (Bear Bones, Lay Low) on bass-axe and Jurgen De Blonden (aka Köhn) on hell hammers!"

Bass-Axe and Hell-Hammers - genius! We will be in-country on friday, but Maldegem is about 100km away w/out a direct rail-link, so it's looking unlikely we can make it over for their show. The Walrus is apparently an old biker's bar now infested by Indie-kids. I would looooove to see Hellvete at The Walrus in Maldegem.

Says Hellvete: "I don't think that the Maldegem crowd will be ready for what we have in mind for them. We had a rehearsal last evening and we ended up in a one chord for 30 minutes jam. A bit like what Tony Conrad did with Faust. We are going to make their ears bleed!"

Sounds wonderful! A shame I'm prob gonna miss this one, but hopefully will hook up with the guys for some beers on Sat. evening. I'm hoping Bart Sloow will be there as I want to compare beards w/ him. I have major beard envy-issues where Bart's concerned.

I love the way that Hellvete's MySpace has 666 friends.



Just in from Matt Woebot:

All All-Star Line-Up featuring Matt, Mark from the excellent Strange Attractor journal, Jonny Trunk (that Studio-G album is very good, btw) and the Ghost Box boys.