Sunday, March 01, 2009


Because you demanded it! (Well, actually, you didn't - but I'm still going to do it) Following on from the previous post:

Linda Carter - aka Night Nurse - started out as a student in the early 60s, here:

This earlier incarnation was written by Stan the Man, then was presumably dusted off by editor Roy Thomas in the early 70s and handed to his wife Jean to write. It only lasted 4 issues, but it was a pretty cool run; loads better written than you probably think.

I'm completely out-of-touch with contemporary Marvel continuality, but I was saddened to find out that Linda Carter was recently dusted off by Bendis in his Daredevil run. Apparently, she runs some kinda clinic or centre to treat meta-human diseases. Yawwwwwwwwwn. So, she's now part of that ol' glum, dull, boring n grittily 'realistic' side-pocket of the Marvelverse. Shame.

Looks like every comic ever made has now been completely strip-mined or retro-engineered in order to keep them in circulation as intellectual properties.

She is now also *ahem* shagging Doctor Strange, so there might be some potential there for some playful bug-eyed weirdness, but I somehow doubt it. Whatever they do with the character will be boring and doomed to fail. Also, trivia-fans, her old nursing shift-partner/room-mate Christine Palmer has recently been hanging around with Nightcrawler from the X-Men. Ya don't say!!!???

My theory is that the 70's series failed because the "S" in her logo/mast was slightly off-kilter and potential buyers found it subconsciously off-putting. If I was revamping the character I would either use the original mast or else demand that the "S" in any new incarnation was deliberately designed to be 'wrong' in some way. 35 years and 2 generations later, that wonky 'S' would almost certainly act as a freak-magnet and attract a demographic that was ideal for the character.

The devil's in the details, see?