Saturday, February 21, 2009

Gaaaah! The flint in me Fall lighter is knackered and it will not ignite. Clearly, some sort of Fascist plot.

I'm going to dress up as a member of The Afrika Korps.

Now, where did I put my boot-dagger?

If Dom's bringing his Luftwaffe gloves, then I'm taking my The Fall lighter.

I bumped into Shaggy in town just now and he suggested we should mass-adopt some sort of WW2 memorabilia dress-code tonight, like it was a bloody Lemmy Kilminster convention or summat.

Brian's rig looks fucking awesome.


I was gutted - and I know John Eden will be too - to discover that they had repaired the slashed seat. Still, all is not lost, me lovelies, for they have reupholstered their chairs in a garish citus orange and lemon yellow. Ha!

Meanwhile, tho, I've been going dahn The Club. Yep, The Social Cub. And I was both heartened and relieved to discover that they had a slashed seat on the premises. So here it is, John - just for you (well, okay, and me too):

Okay, okay, I know - bad picture! (it's on the left n you have to zoooom in)- I'll try and get a better shot of the slash tonight.

So, anyway, this is the venue where we're having our piss-up tonight - dahn The Social, see? - tho not in that room. Even as I speak the three Emerson, Lake & Palmer lorries are unloading Brian's 20ft high Disco light-panels and a mirror-ball the size of Phoebe.

Thanks to Psychbloke Ade for doing the fabulous flier - it's a beaut:

I'm hoping for a 5-blog cross-over tonight. Still, I'm a bit alarmed that Dom is bringing his Luftwaffe gloves. Uh-ho. That can only mean one thing...