Friday, February 20, 2009


The new Ice Bird Spiral release "Psychiatmc Bloems" is now available - a ltd hand-numbered cassette-tape available from our pals over at the ever-wonderful Flemish label Funeral Folk.

The Funeral boys have done us proud on the art front: the css is packaged in classic trad.brol FF house-style, a sort of scissors n glue take on faux-gothic-medievalism. Long term readers will be aware that I'm a huge fan of the label and their various bands n sub-projects, so I'm completely over the moon that IBS are now part of their catalogue.

It would be churlish and, er, thoroughly bad-form for me to review our own release (tho I'm sorely tempted lol - still, any volunteers?), so all I'll say for now is that it consists of a single long piece that is sub-divided - concept-album style! - into a series of interwoven sections, each of which has a different vibe or musical mood. A few brave souls who've checked it out have described it as sounding kinda 80s Brit.Industrial-ish in places, but with a fucked-up Pysch undertow. NWW has also been mentioned as a reference point, which is incredibly flattering. Of course, none of these things were even faintly or consciously intentional - basically, we just get on and do what we do lol - but I totally get what they're saying and why they're saying it.

Some other IBS releases are fairly imminent. Each of which sounds completely different to the next, wh/ is very exciting to me; I really can't work out where this is all going. I think we should write a musical next lol.

Anyway, please grab a copy from the Funeral Folk guys and while you're there snag some of their other stuff; I totally recommend it - that is, if you can find anything that hasn't sold out! - please support this brilliant and idiosyncratic label. (plus our kids need some new shoes) We'll be selling a few copies from our own site at some point later in the year - but go direct to the label to score 'em there first.


Rumours of my recent death are...well, just that: rumours...

Still, it was my b/day a couple days ago and, at my age, each b/day is like a little death in its own right. So, we usually celebrate them round our way by playing Russian Roulette, Vietnamese style. Or kicking a crack-dealer's pit-pull. Y'know, doing something life-affirming, something that gets the corpuscles a-flowin'...

My scanner is dead tho. It has flatlined. Goodbye, ol' faithful electrical-item of 10-years good-standing. The landfill doth call thee.

Shame, there was some interesting stuff I wanted to post recently. Some dumbass books and things. 70s porn-mags. Columbian pysch-folk albums. No, really.

Still, here's a pic that my good pal Andy Clarke sent me, of our old 2000AD character Rose O'Rion. "Has it really been 10 years?" he asked. Yep, I'm afraid it has.

"Time, he flexes like a whore..."