Sunday, February 15, 2009


Apologies to Tim Footman. Ages ago he did a 100 Best Tunes post which I started to respond to. But, as usual, life got in the way. From time to time I tinker with this post, but at latest count I'd only got to, er, 17.

It wasn't 100 tunes, but 100...I dunno, observations, comments, things...most of no significance whatsoever; strangely, it was the act of doing it that interested me, and not so much the result. I was gonna follow Tim's original rhizomatic/fractal template and just let stuff flow out of me sub-sub-conscious-group-mind-thing and let it bounce around and then fall. Since it's taken so long for me to get my shit together it'll be an interesing snapshot of my mind free-associating w/ itself, but over a longish period of time. I had a lot of great ideas along the way, but I kept forgetting them by the time I got home lol. It might be the biggest post I've ever done...or it might not. But I'm definitely gonna do it when time allows. Personally, I think the One Hundred idea is a great one - tho a big committment in terms of time - and I'd like to see some other bloggers put their spin on this at some point.


More in-box nonsense:

There's another cool review of Nemonymous 8: Cone Zero over here on the Dreaming of Babylon site...which reminded me what a terrific antho this is. It's slowly been soaking up some great reviews over the last few months - if you haven't got round to buying a copy yet, then you really should do. The authors - incl. myself - will eventually be unmasked later in the spring. Until then, the author identification competition is still running, so you've still got a couple months to win yrself a crisp £50 note by entering....

Meanwhile, the little fella featured on the T-shirt below (focus, fellas, focus...!) slowly inches his way towards global domination:

"It's Just The Dub Talking."

I've got a feeling - call it a hunch, or whatever you like - that you're going to be seeing a lot more of him and his friends later this year. Created by the awesomely talented Doppelganger and, er, myself - he's an oddly poignant symbol of our times lol - the Anti-Hero of Dub that you've all been waiting for. No, really, you have - you just don't know it yet. More info soon (hopefully), but I think you're going to enjoy his 'adventures'. He made my 4-year old daughter laugh out loud and she knows absolutely nothing about the history of UK Urban Bass Music.

In a typically PoMo fashion he's appeared on a T-Shirt first before inevitably colonising other media. Be first on your block to get one; be the envy of yr friends, etc - available here from High Rise Clothing, a sort of weird affiliate or sub-imprint of Bristol's excellent Rooted Records.


Many happy - slightly belated - returns to Ruela, another fellow Aquarian!

And - waitagoddamn minute - isn't Farmer Glitch's b/day around here somewhere too...? HB, Farmer! See ya soon, man!

And Circle Brophy too - so, far, far away....I'm putting together a package for ya, man - please be patient!

Happy birthday to all you Aquarian bastards everywhere!!